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Welcome to New Living Ministries - Television!
NLM TV is the TV Project from New Living Ministries. Our vision is to spread the message of God all over the world. We want to reach those who don't have the chance to be involved with Jesus Christ. NLM TV is multilingual and can be watched from all over the world. You can watch it with your satellite or even online with our live streaming service.

NLM TV offers a lot of different programs 24hours a day. During the LIVE-Program the audience get the chance to call the preaching pastor to ask him for special prayers. The schedule includes programs from New Living Ministries and also other churches:

- Oikos Church
- Light of Life Christian Fellowship
- El Bethel Power Ministries
- Amazing Grace Ministries
- Faith Church of God

Several emotional testimonials attest the closeness between NLM TV and its audience. NLM TV is looking forward to spread the word of the almighty God all over the world. May Jesus Christ bless you.